Key services


Formation & Liquidation

The  incorporation of a company  refers to the legal process that is used to form a corporate entity or a  company . An incorporated  company  is a separate legal entity on its own, recognized by the law. ... It becomes a corporate legal entity completely separate from its owners

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Corporate Law

Legal services  are the  services  involving  legal  or law related matters like issue of  legal  opinion, filing, pleading and defending of law suits etc by a lawyer or attorney practicing law related  services

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Management Consulting

Management  consultants are experts who are trained to solve complex problems, devise invaluable strategies and improve the financial and operational health of their clients' organization

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service  company is a business that generates income by providing  services  instead of selling physical products. A good example of a  service  company is a public  accounting  firm. They earn revenues by preparing income tax returns, performing audit and asset  services , and even doing bookkeeping work.

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